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Nature’s Masterpieces

Captivating Photos Take Top Honors at Budapest International Foto Awards 2023

Horses Running At Sunset
Photographer: Shirley Wung

The prestigious Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) 2023 has unveiled its winning entries, and the Nature category is a breathtaking journey into the wonders of our planet. From exquisite macro shots to awe-inspiring landscapes and portraits of the animal kingdom, these images showcase the power, beauty, and delicate balance of the natural world.

This year’s Nature category saw one grand prize winner, along with a diverse range of captivating photographs in both professional and non-professional sections. Prepare to be mesmerized as we reveal some of the most stunning nature photos that captured the judges’ hearts:


The Gaze of The Whale
Photographer: Wen Hua Chen

Veins of The Earth
Photographer: Robert Bilos

Sponte Plantis
Photographer: Rocco Casaluci

The Commute Home
Photographer: Mr. Janis Miglavs

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes
Photographer: Wei Lian

Shots From The Middle-Earth
Photographer: Valerio Sbriglione

Extreme Panoramic Landscapes
Photographer: Alex Wides

Green – The Color of Hope
Photographer: Anne Geier

She Is Bagheera
Photographer: Francesco Junior Mura

In The Garden
Photographer: Oleksandra Mykhailutsa

Autumn and Winter Gradients
Photographer: Ryohei Irie

By Her Side
Photographer: Dora Somosi

Dawn’S Whispers: Graceful Hoopoe Silhouette At Sunrise
Photographer: Hermis Haridas

American Wild Mustangs>
Photographer: Valerie G Henry

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